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Althea is the creator of the MAKE LOVE to YOUR MONEY coaching program, helping women engage in a new relationship with money so they can reach their desires effortlessly. Experience peace, satisfaction, appreciation and joy around your most important asset.




Enjoy a more successful, balanced and healthy money relationship. I’ve discovered that conversations about starting a business, pricing services, borrowing, spending and other money tasks often trigger a jumble of unwelcome emotions including anxiety, fear, sadness, and anger. Financial peace of mind has much more influence on your overall well-being than income alone. Money is important—but only to the extent that it allows us to enjoy what is worthwhile in our lives. 

What’s one money belief that holds you back?  When you work with me, you’ll have an opportunity to explore hidden thought and belief systems, establish goals aligned with your personal dreams and values, and dissolve what’s preventing you from achieving them. You’ll have an opportunity to understand your own internal motivations rather than allowing external pressures such as guilt, fear, duty and obligation guide your choices.    

Experience joy, freedom and ease around money. As a certified financial coach, I guide women in business and online entrepreneurs to clarity and peace of mind around money. When you work with me, you begin to understand your own conflicts, dilemmas, difficulties and pain that prevent you from creating the the business you desire and life you’d like to live. You'll be inspired to do what it takes to have a life that excites you, nurtures those you love and fulfills your highest aspirations.  You are free to bring your gifts to the world.

Althea Mortensen is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, helping women engage in a new relationship with money and achieve their dreams effortlessly.

Author Martha Beck, Ph.D. is a monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine and has appeared on the Oprah Show.

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Until we understand the real reasons behind what compels our behavior around money, we’ll never experience the joy of knowing the value of what money really provides for us.



Love your money in 30 days online workshop - Coming soon!


The 40-Minute Mindset $49

Pricing is one of the biggest money challenge for entrepreneurs.

You’ve done extensive market research, interviewed friends, family and colleagues but you still can’t determine a monetary value for what you offer. You need more than logic to handle this important business task! In a single, brief session I’ll help you define the exact dollar amount to charge for your own products and services so you can proceed with confidence.

private sessions $169

Enjoy a more successful, balanced and healthy money relationship. Customized and personal, each individual 60 minute coaching session is priced at $169. Sessions are conducted by phone weekly at a time most convenient for you. Standard sessions include single, four-week and six-week packages.

Discover where, when and how money creates financial anxiety. Define ways money impacts your behavior and personal relationships. Uncover strengths and challenges with identified money patterns.

Explore how your family, religion or society influences your beliefs about money. Understand painful feelings that impact taking financial action. Release old patterns and habits that prevent you from achieving your goals.

email subscription $89

Too busy to talk?

Bi-weekly email conversation and email coaching adds flexibility and convenience to your busy schedule. Allows for reflection and additional privacy.


Not sure what’s right for you?

Set up a complimentary 30 minute session to help you decide. No obligation, just conversation about where you are now, where you’d like to be—and how to get there.

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As a private money coach and financial professional, my job is to make your life better. If things are fine, but you’re feeling a little lost, stuck or somehow dissatisfied, I will make it better. Is your life miserable? I will make that better, too.

Coaching is different from traditional therapy in that it supports those who are already healthy reach their highest potential and maximum wellbeing. Coaching allows each individual access to the joy and success available to all of us.